Truth, Freedom and the Concern for Man. Heidegger and Krishnamurti.



The goal of this paper is to discuss Martin Heideggers’ explanation of Being and his thoughts on humanism,as expressed in Letter on Humanism. I will discuss Heidegger’s ideas in relation to Eastern philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti, like Heidegger, finds truth to be attainable, however, thinks that methodology and traditional ways of thinking, distract from the truth, ultimately causing conflict. For Heidegger, the methodology that distracts us from the truth of Being is traditional metaphysics, grounded in logic. Both thinkers, focus on truth, freedom, and Being[i]. Although it is not the focus of the paper, but an important mentionable, there is a fundamental difference between Heideggerian philosophy and the teachings of Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti focuses on truth, as an understanding of the self. This is done for the betterment of the human being, and human sake. Krishnamurti did not intend, or set out to do philosophy. He ultimately…

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